What to see in Valparaíso in one day


Day 3: Santiago de Chile - What to see in Valparaíso: Cerro Bellavista: La Sebastiana, Cerro Cárcel: Cumming Street, Bismark Square, Cerro Alegre, Cerro Concepción, Puerto de Valparaíso - Santiago de Chile

Being in the location we are the best way to go to Valparaíso from Santiago de Chile go by taking the subway and go to the University of Santiago station, where next to it is Terminal Alameda from where every few minutes the buses to Valparaíso.

How to go to Valparaíso from Santiago de Chile

We explain how to get to Valparaíso from Santiago de Chile:
- From the Alameda Terminal there are buses from two companies that go from Santiago de Chile to Valparaíso: Pullman and Turbus
- They leave every little time and although it is not necessary to book, if it is a holiday, weekend and / or high season, as has happened to us, they recommend booking especially around the corner. Imagine that we at 8 in the morning, when we are going to buy the tickets, we find that in the 8 in the afternoon bus there were only three seats left.
- We choose the company Pullman, with a bus similar to the night we use in the trip to Peru and in the trip to Guatemala, very comfortable and fully equipped.
- The journey is 1:30 hours and the bus leaves you on the Roparaviario de Valparaíso, a kilometer and a half or so from the city center.
- From there you can walk to the most central area of ​​Valparaíso, they are not more than 15 minutes or take a micro bus

Another good option to get to know the history better and not miss anything is to book this guided tour with a guide in Spanish through Valparaíso or this free tour through Valparaíso. Free!
After breakfast we go directly to the Santa Lucia subway station, less than 5 minutes from the hotel, bringing us the surprise that on Sundays they open at 8 in the morning, so either we wait 30 minutes or directly we will look for another solution , which happens to look for a bus or a taxi to take us to the Alameda station and thus start the what to see in Valparaíso in one day ASAP.
We opted for the first option, which we found just in front of the subway, although what we did not count is that once inside and when we are going to pay the tickets the driver tells us that we cannot pay in cash and that we need a voucher that is bought in the Metro to access the bus. Before this we tell him that being so and not being able to pay in cash, as soon as we pass by the next stop we will get off, something to which he kindly replies that we do not worry, that we make the journey and if he climbs an inspector he would explain it to him that we had no problems.
We have to say that this is something that has caught our attention and that since we have arrived in Chile, the Chileans are treating us wonderfully, it is not that we doubt it, but we really find that they give an exquisite treatment to the tourist, something that makes the trip much more enjoyable if possible.
Once at the Alameda Terminal, about 4 kilometers from the Santa Lucia metro station, we enter the terminal and buy two round-trip tickets from the Bus from Santiago de Chile to Valparaíso for 3000 Chilean pesos per trip and person and we take a run to platform 10, from where the bus will take us to start the route to see in Valparaíso and that comes out in less than 5 minutes.

After an hour and a half that we spend watching the landscape and reviewing the route we have in Valparaíso, when it is 9:30, we arrive in Valparaíso with a fairly gray sky, characteristic of this area at these hours in which it has not yet begun to blow the wind and that as we have been told, disappears as the morning progresses.
As we mentioned before, to reach the center of Valparaíso we can walk, about 1 kilometer and a half or take a bus. We choose the first option and we have just arrived in this city full of color, we can do nothing but start savoring it walking.
We make our way to the Cathedral of Valparaíso, which will be our first visit, where we enter and we are a few minutes later to approach the Holy Spirit Elevator, which will be the first incursion in the hills of Valparaíso.