Visit Edzná in Campeche


Day 22: Visit Edzná in Campeche

- The idea was to leave tomorrow about 7 in the morning from Campeche to Edzná, get there when they opened at 8 in the morning (the journey is 45-60 minutes)
- Visit Edzná in Campeche 2 hours
- After the visit make the journey from Edzná to Calakmul
- Visit Balamku and sleep at the Puerta Calakmul hotel
- The next day, the idea was to visit Calakmul from 8 in the morning, in about 4-5 hours
- After the visit, continuation of the route to reach Bacalar in the evening

Map of the possible route from Campeche to Calakmul and Laguna Bacalar

The route from Campeche to Calakmul and Laguna Bacalar that we had planned had been traced with Google Maps, without taking into account the state of the roads, so according to our information at that time, it was totally safe to make this route on the marked roads, which in principle was also the fastest route.

Final route from Campeche to Calakmul and Laguna Bacalar after speaking with reception

After talking with reception and corroborating what we had already read, that the road to Calakmul is not good, they tell us something that we had not taken into account and that is that on the inner and faster road that we had traced the route, In addition to being in very bad conditions, there have been some assaults, so we decided to follow his advice and make some changes in the next two days, with which we can make the paths much quieter, in addition to going much safer.

The main problem if we make the route we had planned, to get to Calakmul visiting Edzná first, is that to take the road they recommend, we had to return to Campeche to take the road to Escárcega and from there to Calakmul.
Making the visit to Edzná, in addition to Balamku and arriving at the Puerta Calakmul hotel made us arrive practically at 8 pm in the hotel, being the last hours of driving at night, something that we do not feel like and that have also highlighted us, It is not recommended.
So after the recommendations we choose to make this change in the route and leave it like this:
- Today morning visit Edzná in Campeche, with private transport for 350 pesos per person
- Pick up the rental car at the airport when we return from Edzná, park it at the hotel and spend the afternoon in Campeche.
- Tomorrow go straight from here to Calakmul, leaving first thing in the morning.
- Arrive at Calakmul at noon and make the afternoon visit to Calakmul.
- Sleep at the Hotel Puerta Calakmul
- The next day, visit Balamkú and add to our itinerary the visits to Chicanná, Becán and Xpuhil (which we added after having won half a day to the trip), on the way to Laguna Bacalar.

Update after making the trip: We have to say, once the trip was made, that our first route option, changing the access road to Calakmul from Campeche, was completely feasible in times, although it is true that we had arrived at the hotel Calakmul gate at mid afternoon.
In the same way we want to highlight that with this change we gain a lot, both in times and in security, in addition to the possibility of visiting Chicanná, Becán and Xpuhil, three of the most incredible sites of the trip to Mexico for free.

And so with the planning of the following days a little modified, in addition to some archaeological sites added to the route, we set course for Edzná when it is 9 am, with a private driver, who will wait for us during the visit and then He will take us to the airport to pick up the rental car in Mexico.

How to go from Campeche to Edzná

- Public transport: Getting to Edzná by public transport is not impossible, but not easy. There are small combis that are taken on Chihuahua Street and that pass every 30 minutes, but for what they tell us, they do not leave you at the door of the archaeological site of Edzná and do not have a fixed schedule.
- Private transportation: We hire you directly with the agency next to the Francis Drake Hotel, for 350 pesos per person and includes round trip transportation plus 2 hours wait (negotiable time) for the visit. In our case, having to pick up the car at the airport, 6 kilometers from Campeche, will leave us directly there.
- Tour with agency: All city agencies do this tour to visit Edzná in Campeche. From what we could see, prices are around 850 pesos per person and include transportation and guidance in the field.
- Rental car: the way we would have chosen if we already had the car. Although we could have advanced the pick-up time this morning, that would have meant arriving in Edzná later, when there are more people and to lose the possibility of spending the entire afternoon in Campeche, so we have preferred to do it in the way we discussed above.

After a quiet ride, surrounded by greenery, talking with the driver about the route we have planned, in addition to receiving great advice for the area, we arrive in Edzná when it is 10 am, perfect time to start visit Edzná in Campeche, going straight to the box office where we pay 55 pesos per person

Tips for visiting Edzná in Campeche

- The schedule for visiting Edzná is from 8 am to 5 pm and the entrance fee is 55 pesos per person.
- After passing the ticket office you have some bathrooms in which there is a small machine. There you can buy snacks and water, although normally for what they tell us, because of electrical problems it does not work, so we advise you to bring water, since in the archaeological site there are not many places with shade.
- A few meters after passing the box office you will find an information panel with two signs. One that turns left and puts archaeological complex and another path to the right, which leads directly to The Sorceress. The latter is a mound of land, under which there is a pyramidal structure, which is seen from the access road to Edzná, but which is not explored, so that only a mountain of sand is seen. We recommend you go directly to the archaeological complex to start visiting Edzná.
- Although it may seem like a short time, you can visit Edzná in Campeche in about 2 hours, with peace of mind, making stops and photographs.
- If you are looking for the best perspective of Edzná, do not forget to climb the structures of the Great Acropolis. It is from there that you have the best views of the entire archaeological site.

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