Where to eat in Kyoto: Recommended restaurants


Although we know to make a list of Recommended restaurants where to eat in Kyoto and surroundings it would be more than impossible and really unfeasible, after our first trip to Japan for free in 18 days, in which we toured some of the most tourist spots in the country and our second visit to the Japanese country, after which we have written the guide for travel to Japan, we want to leave you a list of restaurants to eat in Kyoto, since this was one of the cities in which we were more time, in addition to some that despite their good recommendations, we did not find them so good and we believe, we must also comment.

Basic tips for eating at restaurants in Japan

Japan is the typical destination where everything usually seems much more difficult than it really is. This also happens with restaurants or the way we have to act when we go to one of them.
Knowing this, we want to leave you a series of basic tips to enjoy food in Japan, which although they are very general, we believe they can help you when you go to eat at any of the Recommended restaurants where to eat in Kyoto and the rest of Japan.
- In Japan no tip is left. This is something to keep in mind, since even in some restaurants they may get offended if you do.
For them to do their job well is something they must do and so they should not be paid any extra. A good way to focus work, don't you think?
- It should be borne in mind that restaurants in Japan usually open around 11 am and finish the service between 2:30 pm and 2:30 pm, and there are many that only open at night.
Therefore it is good to check the schedule before, either on its website or in an application such as TripAdvisor, to not get any surprises.
- Today, in most of them (we always talk about tourist areas), you can pay by card and in those that do not, they will notify you when you enter or you will see a cartel at the door.
- In the most tourist cities like Kyoto or Tokyo, the most recommended restaurants tend to be quite queued. Once you arrive, the first thing you have to do is to see if there is a waiting list system, since many of them have a notebook at the door, in which you must sign up and wait for your turn.
- As we commented, the most restaurants to eat in Kyoto recommended, always have a line, although at noon this is usually much less, so whenever you can, it is advisable to go to lunch instead of dinner and thus earn extra time.
- Although it is not widespread, the queues usually last a long time, since services are usually slow and small restaurants, so it is best to go early and avoid being queued for a long time.
- Many of Japan's restaurants share a table or eat directly at the bar. Although this may intimidate you Initially, you'll get used to it fast. Try it!
- Another thing to keep in mind is that in many of the Japan restaurants, the letters are not very extensive, specializing each of them in a plate. That's why you can find many restaurants of ramen, tempura, udon, tonkatsu ... etc
- Some of them, especially those that have okonomiyaki or yakisoba or some meat in their cards, have an iron in the middle of the table, in which they place the ingredients to be cooked or even some, so that you can cook them yourself . Do not worry, it is a very simple process and even if they do not speak English, by signs you will know what process you should follow.
- In most of Japan restaurants they will serve you tea and / or water for free and even many of them have jugs or faucets so you can serve yourself directly, at no cost. This is one way that prices in Japan are tighter and your travel budget is lower.
- Keep in mind that in many restaurants, most, just sit down, they offer you a hot towel, with which you should clean your hands and optionally your face. After doing so, they are rolled up again and left on the table.
- In many restaurants you will see that in one of the corners of the table there is a bell. It serves to notify the waiter to take command when you know that you are going to eat and also to ask for anything you need.
- Another question asked by many travelers is how to understand the letters of the restaurants in Japan. Tell you that in most of them, remember that we talk about tourist areas, they have letters in English and if this is not the case, the letters have drawings or in the restaurant there are resin plates that show the dish practically as it really is, so that the selection process is much easier than it seems.
- In addition, many of them have an Ipad, where you can see the letter and order directly, without having to do it with the waiter.
This is a very comfortable option, especially when you want to try many things and you don't want to ask for everything at once. From the Ipad you can even ask for the bill.
- You have to keep in mind that payment, in most restaurants where to eat in Kyoto and Japan, it is done at the checkout, so you must ask for the bill and once you have it, get up and pay at the checkout.

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Restaurants where to eat in Nara

The Parco restaurant, located at 1-1 Tsurufukuinch, is a perfect option to eat, as it is very close to the most tourist area of ​​Nara.
The place is very small, with only 5/6 tables, which eats an okomomiyaki and a spectacular yakisoba.
We ordered prawn and yakisoba okomomiyaki with squid and vegetables plus beer and coffee for 3060 yen. Without a doubt, a highly recommended option in the city.