10 essential places to see in Jerusalem


This list of the best places to see in Jerusalem It will help you prepare a visit to the millenary Holy City, a place that we are safe, you will never forget.

To understand the enormous history that this city hides, founded in 1004 B.C. For King David, you have to tour the four neighborhoods of the Old City. It is exciting as you walk through its narrow streets to feel the prayers in churches and synagogues, smell the aromas of the Muslim neighborhood posts and see places that will leave you speechless, whether or not you are a believer.

Based on the experience of the 5 days we spent in the city during our trip to Israel and Palestine for free, we have made this list of those we believe, are the 10 essential places to visit in Jerusalem.

1. The Esplanade of the Mosques

The Esplanade of the Mosques or Temple Mount is one of the holiest places in the world and one of the most essential places to see in Israel.
For the Jews, this mountain is their most important place because God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac. King David first and Solomon later built a large temple in this area to house the Ark of the Covenant, the most sacred object of Judaism. This First Temple was destroyed and rebuilt shortly after giving rise to the Second Temple, of which only the Western Wall is preserved.

For Muslims this is the third most important sacred place of their religion as it is the place where the Prophet Muhammad went up to heaven in 621. At this point is the great rock of the ascent, protected by the spectacular building of the Dome of the Rock, one of the places to see in Jerusalem more beautiful. This temple next to the Al-Aqsa Mosque was built according to the Jews on the foundations of the First Temple, hence the origin of all problems.

To access the Esplanade of the Mosques you have to reach the door of Al-Mughradia, located to the right of the Western Wall in the Jewish quarter.
The schedules are quite restricted and only tourists are allowed to enter from Sunday to Thursday from 07:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. and from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.
It is recommended to arrive about an hour in advance when long lines are formed in the exhaustive access controls. Keep in mind that the entrance to the Dome of the Rock and the Al-Aqsa Mosque, is prohibited to non-Muslims and you can not access the esplanade with religious symbolism or with shorts.

2. The Holy Sepulcher

The Church of the Holy Sepulcher is one of the most sacred buildings of Christianity and without a doubt, one of the most essential places to visit in Jerusalem since inside it is, according to the Gospels, the exact point where the crucifixion, burial and resurrection of Jesus took place.
With the dim light of the candles and the smell of incense, you should keep in mind that the visit inside the basilica is carried out at a slow pace, by the large number of people, especially in the sepulcher chapel.
In this chapel, where it is said that the body of Christ rested after its crucifixion, long lines of devotees and tourists are formed that can reach 2 hours. An hour in which you can make the visit with fewer people is in the afternoon, shortly before closing.

Another place where more people are concentrated is in the Stone of the Anointing, where according to tradition, the body of Christ rested after the crucifixion.
Nor can you miss Mount Calvary that has the stone in which the cross was nailed in which Jesus died.

Keep in mind that the church is guarded by several branches of Christianity that have several secondary chapels that are worth visiting. One of the most famous is that of Saint Helena, a 12th-century Armenian church, with a beautiful mosaic on the floor. Another interesting chapel is that of José de Arimatea, belonging to the Syrian Orthodox Church.

In a place with as much history as Jerusalem it is almost obligatory to book this city tour with a guide in Spanish or this free tour of Jerusalem Free!, Which includes all the important places of the city such as the Holy Sepulcher.

Visiting hours: every day from 05h to 21h from April to September. From October to March it opens at 4h and closes at 19h.

The Garden Tomb

How to get to Jerusalem

The closest airport to Jerusalem, if you don't want to cross the border with Jordan, is Ben Gurion in Tel Aviv. To get from the airport to your hotel you can book a private transport, take the bus 485 or train, rent a car or board a sherut, which are shared vans.
If you are staying in Tel Aviv and have little time you can book this excursion to Jerusalem or this excursion that includes Bethlehem, both with a guide in Spanish.

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Map of the best places to visit in Jerusalem

If you feel like helping us complete the list of the 10 places to see in Jerusalem, add yours in the comments.